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Now is the time to support your local community newspaper! Thank you Burnaby Now and New Westminster Record for your dedication to delivering the trustworthy local news readers need. I'd love to see more readers support you by taking out ads like this! Miss you, friends -- Lauren, Edmonton More
Posted April 03, 2020
We miss you!
Grandma, because we love you we've been keeping socially distant, but that doesn't mean we don't miss you! Hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring.
Ash, Nathan, Isaac, Jacob
Posted April 02, 2020
We would love to wish our pare...
We would love to wish our parents Marjorie and Wesley Fraser A wonderful 70th anniversary on April fifth. With love, your family. More
Posted March 31, 2020
Powell River
Henry Birthday
Henry Birthday More
Posted March 24, 2020
Powell River